St Helens Lampshade

Tide & Isle


Featuring a close up of St Helen’s church with sheep in the foreground and cattle to the rear.

The church was completed in 1896, with many of the granite blocks coming from the ruins of the Quarter Wall Cottages and additional building materials being brought over from Ilfracombe.

You can still attend a service today with services held on the first Sunday of the month wherever possible (as there is no resident clergy!)


Printed on to a linen mix fabric in the UK, all shades are professionally made by hand in my North Devon studio. They have rolled edges with 1 single seam, and can fit both lamps or ceiling lights (pendants).


The product comes in three sizes: 25cm diameter by 18cm height, 30cm diameter by 21cm height and 35cm diameter by 21cm height.


You can select one of two fittings; either a standard table lamp fitting or a ceiling pendant fitting. 

The ring fitting is adjustable for 29mm aperture (UK fitting) or 42mm aperture (European and USA fittings). I would recommend the use of a low energy bulbs (40 watts or less).


All lampshade inner panels have been tested in the Lighting Association Laboratories and have passed the glow wire test which is the British Standard for Luminaries.  Any fabrics, textiles or paper that I laminate to the inner panel are fire resistant.

Note: All lampshades are made to order and can take 2-3 weeks for delivery.