Frequently Asked Questions

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Original Vintage Prints

When it comes to prints, here are the questions on everyone's lips!

Are your prints framed or mounted?

My prints do not include frames or mounts at this current time and are dispatched against artboard to keep them flat in their envelopes. They are all sent flat as this way they will reach you in peak condition. I would always recommend that you get them framed with a mount to keep the paper from touching the glass & getting damp.

What size prints do you offer?

Where clearly mentioned some artworks are limited edition prints, otherwise they shall remain for sale on an ongoing basis. If you require a bespoke size not offered please get in touch to discuss this. I regret that this will not be an option for any that are limited editions.


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Fine Art Lampshades

Damn fine art lampshades if you ask me - which you are because you are in the FAQs section!

What bulb is best?

A maximum 40 watt or cool-to-the-touch eco or LED bulb is recommended for use with all of our lampshades. Ideally bulbs should be placed a minimum of 5cm away from the side of the shade.

What fittings do the lampshades have?

My drum lampshades have a light fitting in either the base ring or the top ring (depending on whether you have chosen a lamp or ceiling shade), with a small plastic converter ring so they can be used with either UK and EU light fittings.

Simply remove this plastic ring and it converts to fit the standard EU size lamp bases.

What materials are used on the inside of the shades?  

My drum shades have inner panels have been tested in the Lighting Association Laboratories and have passed the glow wire test which is the British Standard for Luminaries.  Any fabrics, textiles or paper that I laminate to the inner panel are fire resistant.

How do I care for my lampshade?

Please note the advice on bulb strength to avoid overheating or scorching. Also note that excessive heat (such as a non-shaded conservatory) can effect the seam glue, so this are best avoided or at least regularly-monitored. Likewise try to keep lampshades from getting damp as this can affect the adhesion of the fabric to the inner panel and, in sever cases of damp, wrinkling may occur.

How do I clean my lampshade without damaging it?

Lampshades are not easily cleaned so above all I would suggest that they do not get placed where they can easily get dirty. For dust I would recommend a regular going-over with a  good quality clean feather duster only.