"Millcombe" Single Greetings Card

Tide & Isle


Featuring vintage John Dyke artwork of Lundy these cards are of a luxury quality.

Printed on 400gsm cream card with a matching envelope, enclosed in a compostable cellophane bag.

UK postage is included in the price.

The 'Millcombe' card features a vintage view of what was once known as 'The Villa'. Not only is the porch intact but there is also a creeper up the front walls and a peacock in the foreground. Martin Coles Harman introduced the peacocks during the mid 1920's, although Lundy was an inhospitable environment for them and sadly they did not last long. The house itself sits in Millcombe valley (and can be spotted from the mainland on a good day!) and is now visitor accommodation sleeping 12.


Please Note: All artwork is protected by copyright and may not be reproduced (part or whole) in any way without permission.